GLORIA-Europe resurvey completed

The resurvey of 67 GLORIA mountain tops ( has been completed by end of August. Sixteen different teams were working in 17 mountain regions, distributed from Mediterranean to temperate and boreal Europe. The pan-European fieldwork campaign was the fourth surveys of the GLORIA sites established in 2001 and 2002, thus extending the time series of vegetation data to over 20 years.

List of MicroClim GLORIA regions
AT-HSW NE-Alps / Hochschwab
CH-SN1 Central Alps / Swiss National Park – carbonatic
CH-SN2 Central Alps / Swiss National Park – siliceous
CH-VAL W-Alpes / Alps of Valais-Entremont
ES-CPY Central Pyrenees / Ordesa
ES-SNE Sierra Nevada – West
FR-AME SW-Alps / Mercantour
GE-CAK Central Caucasus / Kazbegi region
GR-LEO Lefka Ori, Crete
IT-ADO S-Alps / Dolomites
IT-CAM Central Apennines / Majella
IT-MAV W-Alps / Mont Avic
IT-NAP Northern Apennines
NO-DOV S-Scandes / Dovrefjell
RO-CRO E-Carpathians / Rodnei Mts.
SK-CTA W-Carpathians / High Tatra
UK-CAI Scotland / Cairngorms

GLORIA fieldwork in the region AT-HSW, Hochschwab, in summer 2022