Austrian Academy of Sciences – GLORIA

Harald Pauli

is high mountain ecologist and scientific coordinator of the international GLORIA network. In MicroClim he leads the team of project partner ÖAW, being responsible for the project’s monitoring components (tasks 1 and 8) and contributes with his experience to other tasks of MicroClim.

Andrea Lamprecht

is high mountain vegetation ecologist and doing scientific and administrative coordination work for the international GLORIA network. Within the framework of MicroClim she is employed as PostDoc with the focus on the coordination, management and quality control of resurvey data to be obtained from the GLORIA long-term monitoring plots (tasks 1 and 8). To this, she contributes with her experience to other tasks of MicroClim.

Patrick Saccone

is a community ecologist focusing on Arctic and Alpine ecosystems. In MicroClim he is primarily involved in the Tasks 1 and 8 as a GLORIA member, and Tasks 4,6 and 7 regarding his experience in community and functional ecology, and field manipulative.