Test site Obergurgl

The test site at Obergurgl consists of 5 sites that stretch over an elevational gradient ranging from a southern slope at 1.900 m to a northern slope at 2.600 m. Each site hosts 10 pairs (blocks) of plot rows with different treatments (low competition vs high competition). Each plot row hosts one transplanted individual of the 47 target species as well as a seed sowing cell for each species to study germination success rates. Transplantation and seed sowing was carried out in September 2021 and establishment and performance of individuals will be monitored between 2021 to 2023. At the center of each plot row a temperature logger was placed measuring the soil temperature at 10 cm depth.

Obergurgl is also a LTER site of the LTSER Platform Tyrolean Alps that has its research areas on slopes, glaciers and in glacier valleys south and south-west of Obergurgl. It further has several logger stations (mostly weather stations) installed at different locations, with some having continuous records back to the 1950s.