Test site Schrankogel


The test site at Mt. Schrankogel is located in Ötztal valley in Tyrol, Austria and extends over an area of approx. 5 km2. It hosts 900 sampling points where soil temperature loggers were placed between July and August 2021. The elevational gradient of the area stretches from 1.800 to 3.497 m covering the subalpine, alpine and nival zone. Vegetation composition was recorded at all logger positions on a 1 m2 and the performance of individuals of c. 60 target species will be monitored between 2021 and 2023.

Mt. Schrankogel is master site of the GLORIA project hosting approx. 1.000 permanent plots arranged in transects of 30x3m or smaller. The transects cover elevations between 2900m and 3450m.


Bockkogel – view to Schrankogel

Wannenkogel – view to Schrankogel

Sulzkogel – view to Schrankogel