Schrankogel GLORIA resurvey campaign completed

On August 18 2023 we returned from the GLORIA vegetation monitoring field campaign in the upper alpine to subnival zone of Schrankogel. The campaign started on July 26, included the setup of a base camp below the mountain’s southern face in 2630 m, and dealt with the 4th survey of permanent plots, ranged in transects at elevations between 2900 and 3450 m, which have been established in 1994.

Fieldwork commenced with moderate weather conditions, but was interrupted by cold spells with snow fall during the beginning of August. This was followed by suitable conditions so that the ~670 plots of 1x1m plots could be recorded within the planned timespan. In addition, GLORIA temperature data loggers have been read-out and replaced. In early October, a short Schrankogel field trip with two persons followed in order to check corner positions of the plot transects. In total, the field team consisted of fourteen people. We thank all fieldworkers for their commitment, team spirit an endurance.