University of Vienna

Stefan Dullinger (PI)

@ Rossboth

is an ecologist with a focus on patterns of biodiversity and how they are affected by global environmental change. He is especially interested in mountain floras and their fate under a warming climate.

Karl Hülber (Senior Scientist)

is an ecologist focussing on the prediction of species distributions and eco-evolutionary processes governing species‘ ranges. In MicroClim he is co-responsible for parts of WP II (Tasks 5, 6 and 7) based on his experience in experimental approaches in alpine environments, and also involved further tasks and the co-ordination of the project.

Dietmar Moser (Senior Scientist)

is an ecologist with a focus on biogeography and particular expertise in Geographical Information Systems. In Microclim he is co-responsible for collecting, managing and analysing geographical data.

Johannes Wessely (Post-Doc researcher)

is an ecological modeller focussing on future species distributions under global change. In MicroClim is primarily involved in Tasks 5 and 9 regarding his experience in static as well as dynamic distribution models.

Kryštof Chytrý (PhD student)

is a plant ecologist interested especially in community ecology and biogeography. Within MicroClim, he primarily focuses on Tasks 5–7, specifically: collecting data, community-level analyses and species distribution modelling. His participation on MicroClim is a core of his PhD study he is currently doing at the University of Vienna.

Andreas Gattringer (PhD student)

is developing spatially explicit population dynamics models and implementing them with a focus on performance. In MICROCLIM his main responsibility is WP II Task 9.

Johannes Hausharter (PhD student)

is an ecologist with a special interest in statistical models exploring population dynamics and patterns of biodiversity. He is a PhD student within the MicroClim project and will be responsible for Tasks 1 – 3, investigating the ability of species distribution models to predict plant species’ responses to climate change using long-term monitoring data.

Norbert Helm (PhD student)

is a plant ecologist and field botanist with special interest in the alpine and montane flora. In MicroClim he is primarily involved in Tasks 5, 6 and 7 where his focus lies on collecting and analysing plant community data. He is also doing his PhD within the MicroClim project at the University of Vienna.

Botanical Garden of the University of Vienna

Frank Schumacher

Barbara Knickmann

Robert Wernert