Vital rates measurement campaign completed

Yesterday we returned from our field surveys in Obergurgl and Schrankogel where we measured vital rates of more than 3.000 plant individuals on Mt. Schrankogel and over 4.700 transplanted plants in Obergurgl. Although the weather conditions were very harsh and demanding this year we had a good time out there on the field and with our hosts at Amberger hut and at Haus Elisabeth in Obergurgl. Being out there on the same mountain for the third year now it is especially exciting to observe how each year differs from the years before. This year we observed a much higher number of butterflies and moth, mainly of the genus Zygaena and the family of Lycaenidae and even had a oleander hawk-moth (Daphnis nerii) as guest in our sampling area. With a lot of new impressions we are now back in the office and want to thank all our field workers for their great support and motivation to go out sampling even under these demanding conditions. Here are some impressions of the last weeks.