Field season finished

After a month we successfully managed to finish this years measuring campaign on the 26th of August on Schrankogel and Obergurgl in Tyrol. Thanks to the great effort of our field workers and the unusually stable weather conditions we could progress much faster than expected. Almost all of our more than 3.300 plant individuals could be relocated again on Mt. Schrankogel and only few were lost due to major disturbance events like landslides. In Obergurgl we managed to do more than 5.000 releves of the neighbourhood vegetation on our transplantation and seed sowing plots. In parallel the first read out session of our 1.000 temperature loggers was finished. Now, almost all of our data is already digitized and we are already curious to have a closer look on it and to start our first analyses!
Here are some impressions of this years field work:

Schrankogel moraineSchrankogel moraineSchrankogelSchrankogel Sulze