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Disaster Research Days (DRD) 2021 – Disaster Competence Network Austria

On October 20th, Lotte de Vugt presented her work on the construction of a more detailed landslide inventory of the August 5th 2016 storm event in the Passeier valley during the Disaster Research Day Seminars of the DNCA (Disaster Competence Network Austria). The title of the presentation was: “Compilation of event-based shallow landslide inventories based on high-resolution earth observation imagery – a test case in the Passeier valley (South Tyrol, Italy)”.

The figure below shows how the more detailed landslide inventory constructed with Planetscope and RapidEye imagery compares to the national italian inventory (IFFI). The abstract of the presentation can be found here, in the linked “Konferenzband”:

Figure: Comparison of the landslide locations in the IFFI database and manually mapped landslides on PlanetScope imagery, for a storm event that occurred on the 5th August, 2016. PlanetScope imagery (3 m resolution) taken on 2016-08-24 (Planet Team, 2016).


Civil Protect 2021

On September 17th, Stefan Steger from Eurac Research participated in the Civil Protect 2021 event to present Proslide activities to the public and local decision makers. The session was entitled Online inventory of mass movements ( His presentation was entitled Analisi dei movimenti di massa in Provincia di Bolzano and it was presented during the session Inventario on-line dei movimenti di massa: quali sono i vantaggi per questa amministrazione?

Screenshot of the program event.