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PROSLIDE will focus on the landslide-prone area of South Tyrol (Autonomous Province of Bozen/Bolzano). The area (~7400 kmĀ²) is characterized by a substantial internal heterogeneity in terms of topography, geology and climate. Exposed elements are fluctuating in space and time which raises the need for a reliable spatio-temporal landslide prediction. Extensive research has already been conducted to investigate deep-seated movements and debris flows in South Tyrol. Comparable few researchers tackled the topic of shallow landsliding by focusing primarily on the spatial domain. For South Tyrol, little is known about the interrelations of shallow landslide events and their spatio-temporal controls while associated prediction rules are not yet available.


Figure: South Tyrol and inventoried slide-type movements. Note that the shown events mainly relate to damage causing landslides. Data source: (c) Open Geodatabase of the Autonomous Province of South Tyrol. Link: https://geoportal.buergernetz.bz.it/geodaten.asp