Monthly Archives: July 2023

Presentation at UMSS

On July 19th, Mateo Moreno gave an online talk highlighting the data-driven analyses in the frame of the PROSLIDE project. The presentation was part of a research stay at the Laboratorio de Hidráulica in Universidad Mayor de San Simón (UMSS), Cochabamba, Bolivia. The presentation was given in Spanish and can be accessed through the Facebook website of the Laboratio the Hidraulica here.

PROSLIDE final webinar

On the past 29th of June, we hosted the PROSLIDE webinar. During the event, we provided an overview of the project and presented the main results, along with methodical details, room for discussion, and potential future perspectives.

The webinar was carried out in three blocks of presentations divided into the general aspects of the project, the regional scale analyses, and the catchment-scale analyses. The event was closed with a discussion on future improvements, plans, and potential developments on the project topics.

We thank all our attendees for the very interesting contributions and lively discussions.