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IDC Natural Hazards in Mountain Regions – Winter seminar

As part of the yearly IDC – Natural Hazards in Mountain regions winter seminar, Lotte presented the progress of her thesis and work on the PROSLIDE project. The talk was titled: “Spatial transferability of a physically based shallow landslide model (TRIGRS) using parameter ensembles”. The work of the talk shows that when TRIGRS is calibrated to a set of geotechnical parameter values (instead of just one value pair), this set can be transferred between the two studied areas located in Voarlberg and South Tyrol. Most likely, this holds only for set-ups using homogeneous input for the geotechnical parameters.


IMC (International Mountain Conference) and S4SS Summer School 2022

In the first and second week of September, Lotte de Vugt took part in both the IMC conference and the related Student4Students Summerschool.

At the IMC she presented her work on the spatial transferability analysis of the model TRIGRS, where the calibration of TRIGRS for the Passeier valley was compared to calibration of TRIGRS from an existing study located in Vorarlberg, Austria. The abstract of the talk can be found here:

The IMC S4SS Summer school 2022 is a summer school that is organized leading up to the IMC conference and is unique due to the fact that it is organized by PhD students. Lotte de Vugt was also part of the organizing team and together with several colleagues organized several sessions on the topic of landslides. More information can be found here:


Figure: Presentation calibration physically-based modelling, IMC

Figure: Landslide inventory session, S4SS


IDC Natural Hazards in Mountain Hazards – Application colloquium

On December the 10th, Lotte de Vugt presented her thesis concept and her work on the PROSLIDE project as part of an application colloquium to the Innsbruck Doctoral College (IDC) Natural Hazards in Mountain Regions. The presentation was titled “Improving physically-based shallow landslide modelling – a case study in the Passeier valley, South Tyrol” and discussed the first results from the fieldwork, inventory mapping and the first model runs of the physically-based assessment in the Passeier valley.

The IDC Natural Hazards in Mountain Regions provides an interdisciplinary environment for PhD students from Innsbruck to further develop their academic and soft skills.

Disaster Research Days (DRD) 2021 – Disaster Competence Network Austria

On October 20th, Lotte de Vugt presented her work on the construction of a more detailed landslide inventory of the August 5th 2016 storm event in the Passeier valley during the Disaster Research Day Seminars of the DNCA (Disaster Competence Network Austria). The title of the presentation was: “Compilation of event-based shallow landslide inventories based on high-resolution earth observation imagery – a test case in the Passeier valley (South Tyrol, Italy)”.

The figure below shows how the more detailed landslide inventory constructed with Planetscope and RapidEye imagery compares to the national italian inventory (IFFI). The abstract of the presentation can be found here, in the linked “Konferenzband”:

Figure: Comparison of the landslide locations in the IFFI database and manually mapped landslides on PlanetScope imagery, for a storm event that occurred on the 5th August, 2016. PlanetScope imagery (3 m resolution) taken on 2016-08-24 (Planet Team, 2016).