vEGU 2021 Conference-presentation

Due to the still ongoing pandemic, this year’s conference from the European Geosciences Union (EGU) will be held in a virtual format and hence be called vEGU21.
The Proslide project will be presented in a vPico presentation. This is a form of presentation with only one single slide and the presentation takes only two minutes. Afterwards, there will be a breakout chat for each vPico talk. The presentation of the Proslide project will happen on the 27th of April at 9:25 ECT. The breakout-chat will start the same day at 9:36.
The title of the presentation is: “Combining static and dynamic environmental factors at various scales to predict shallow landsliding in South Tyrol, Italy – The Proslide project”. The link to all the presentations on that day can be found  here.