pluSnow @ Workshop Alpine Hydrologie in Obergurgl

From 15 to 17 November the “2. Workshop zur Alpinen Hydrologie – Hydrologische Prozesse im Hochgebirge im Wandel der Zeit” took place in Obergurgl (Austria).

The setting of the early snow in the mountains and the opening of the ski resort at the same time accompanied quit perfectly the talks about the present research on measuring methods for snow properties and monitoring runoff from the cryosphere. Observations and model results revealed a profound insight on the current state of runoff from the cryosphere in the European Alps as well as past changes and future scenarios related to climate change. Within the talk Korrekturen des festen Niederschlages unter Verwendung der Schneehöhe” (Abstract) the last results of the pluSnow project have been presented. New contacts could be made to expand the data base for future snow monitoring within the projects frame work. Before the workshop started and between the session on Thursday there was also time to transfer theorie into practise and have a detailed look on present snow conditions.