Logger read out at lower Mt. Schrankogel

At the beginning of March, MicroClim staff from the University of Innsbruck conducted a field trip to the lower parts of Mt. Schrankogel. The main goal was to read out a couple of soil temperature loggers to check if everything works as expected and to get some preliminary data. In total, 25 loggers were successfully read out. All of these seem to operate fine. Due to high precision GNSS measurements of the logger positions last summer, finding each logger position again was relatively easy. Wireless read out worked flawlessly, with no noticable effect due to snow cover.logger read out positionstemperature data from the last months
As expected, we can observe a rather smooth signal for many of the loggers during wintertime, where the isolating effect of the snow cover is preventing a daily temperature cycle in the soil. Some fluctuations also hint at varying snow cover conditions.