Significant dates and facts about the institute

01.04.2006 Research Unit Mountain Research: Man and Environment (IGF) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) established in Innsbruck. First mountain research unit in Austria.
01.04.2007 Geographic Alpine Information System (GALPIS-Web) for Austria set up in English and German: completely user-controlled Alpine information system with free calculation options and free selection of map display
15.04.2007 Start of the book series "IGF Research Reports"
01.04.2008 IGF agrees to take on the publication of a new international science journal, eco.mont, on research and management issues in protected mountain areas, first issue published in June 2009
15.04.2008 Agreement between the ÖAW and the University of Vienna on the implementation of the GLORIA network
15.05.2008 Publication of the first atlas of the Alps, Mapping the Alps, in five languages (English, German, French, Italian and Slovene)
01.09.2008 IGF takes over the tasks of the GLOCHAMORE Europe network (Global Change in Mountain Regions) from the Mountain Research Initiative (Berne/CH)
15.09.2008 First GLORIA repeat survey across the whole of Europe completed
01.10.2008 Work starts on eco.mont – Journal on Protected Mountain Areas Research – in cooperation with ALPARC and ISCAR-P and based on a cooperation agreement between the ÖAW and the University of Innsbruck
01.03.2009 Publication of the monograph Biology of Alpine Habitats with Oxford University Press; Authors: L. Nagy & G. Grabherr (IGF Vienna)
01.04.2009 International evaluation of the IGF research unit resulted in an upgrade into an Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences
01.10.2010 Publication of Challenges for Mountain Regions. Tackling Complexity. Böhlau, Vienna.
29.10.2011 Agreement between the Federal Ministry for Science, Research and the Economy (BMWFW) and the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SBFI) to establish a Swiss-Austrian Mountain Research Alliance (CH-AT), with the IGF taking on the Austrian tasks of CH-AT.
30.11.2011 Completion of the FP7 project mountain.TRIP
01.09.2012  The journal eco.mont (including all back issues) is listed in the Science Citation Index Expanded (Thomson Reuters)
01.11.2012 The Academy Council passed a resolution to grant the continuation of the institute for an unlimited period of time. This decision goes hand in hand with a renaming of the institute, which is now called: Institute for Interdisciplinary Mountain Research.
2012 Georg Grabherr: Scientist of the Year
11.06.2013 First CH-AT conference in Mittersill
01.09.2013 Publication of the book Die Anden – ein geographisches Porträt in Springer-Spektrum Verlag
2013 A most productive year at the IGF: 27 WoS-listed publications and six books. Third-party funding equivalent to the Academy of Science budget for the IGF.
2013 Andrea Fischer: Österreicher des Jahres im Bereich Forschung
2014 Establishment of a Scientific Advisory Board
23.10.2014 First meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board
10.12.2014 First Science Talk “Wir sind Berg!” on the International Day of the Mountains with participants from Switzerland and Austria
31.12.2014 Completion of the Alpine Space project WIKIAlps
March 2015 Publication of the 5th edition of the GLORIA field manual
08.06.2015 Gottfried and Vera Weiss-Preis to Kay Helfricht
01.10.2015 Start of the project pluSnow
21.10.2015 Second meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board
Nov. 2015 Honary doctor of the University of Innsbruck for Georg Grabherr
01.01.2016 Start of the ESS project Arid Karst Hydrogeology
08.02.2016 Kick-Off meeting of the Interreg project LEMONADE in Bolzano
15.02.2016 Kick-Off meeting of the EU Alpine Space project AlpES in Bolzano
01.03.2015 Start of the ESS Medialps project
01.04.2016 Start of the FWF project Carabid Beetles
Apr. 2016 Publication of the strategic research agenda "Mountains for Europe's Future"
June 2016 Publication of the 5th edition of the GLORIA field manual in Chinese
10.10.2016 Ceremony IGF – 10 years
01.12.2016 Third meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board
31.12.2016 Professor Axel Borsdorf's term as director of the IGF ended.
01.01.2017 Professor Hans Stötter has been confirmed as acting director of the institute until a new director has been appointed.
01.01.2019 Andrea Fischer has been confirmed as acting director of the institute until a new director has been appointed.

International connection

Membership of international networks Mountain Partnership (FAO), International Scientific Committee for Alpine Research und Rete Montagna.

Close cooperation with the International Mountain Research Initiative (Bern), the International Amenity Migration Centre (Spokane, Washington), the European Academy Bolzano, the Pontifica Universidad Católica de Chile and the Universidad de Chile as well as with the UNESCO Man & Biosphere programme and the Austrian MAB National Committee.

Ongoing cooperation with ca. 100 institutions in 35 countries within the GLORIA network.

International conferences

October 2007 Conference "Managing Alpine Future" attracts 350 participants from 28 countries
October 2007 Conference "Global Change in Mountain Regions, Research Agenda" with 100 participants from 16 countries
February 2008 Conference "Data Infrastructure for the Alps. Mountain Orientated Network Technology" with 100 participants from 15 countries
April 2008 COST Strategic Conference "Global Change and Sustainable Development in Mountain Regions" brings together 400 participants from 32 countries
2008 Second GLORIA field campaign to measure climate warming through bio-indicators on 50 summits across the world
September 2010 International GLORIA conference
November 2011 Conference "Managing Alpine Future II"
11.06.2013 CH-AT Mountain Conference in Mittersill
25.04.2016 Conference: Mountains‬ for Europe’s Future: Putting Mountains on the Agenda of Horizon 2020 in Brussels
10.05.2016 CH-AT conference in Ljubljana
09.-10.06.2016 CH-AT Mountain Workshop in Berne
05.-09.09.2016 PECSRL 2016 conference in Innsbruck and Seefeld attracts ca. 170 participants