titelblatt Zieher newsThe Institute for Interdisciplinary Mountain Research congratulates Thomas Zieher, who recently has been awarded his PhD by the University of Innsbruck. In his work he investigated the requirements for dynamic physically-based slope stability modelling. The thesis comprises several scientific publications combining different aspects of shallow landslide modelling.

Zieher, T., Perzl, F., Rössel, M., Rutzinger, M., Meißl, G., Markart, G. & Geitner, C. (2016): A multi-annual landslide inventory for the assessment of shallow landslide susceptibility – Two test cases in Vorarlberg, Austria, Geomorphology 259, 40–54.

Zieher, T., Markart, G., Ottowitz, D., Römer, A., Rutzinger, M., Meißl, G. & Geitner, C. (2017): Water content dynamics at plot scale – comparison of time-lapse electrical resistivity tomography monitoring and pore pressure modelling, Journal of Hydrology 544, 195–209.

Zieher, T., Schneider-Muntau, B. & Mergili, M. (2017): Are real-world shallow landslides reproducible by physically-based models? Four test cases in the Laternser valley, Vorarlberg (Austria), Landslides 14(6), 2009–2023.

Zieher, T., Rutzinger, M., Schneider-Muntau, B., Perzl, F., Leidinger, D., Formayer, H. & Geitner, C. (2017): Sensitivity analysis and calibration of a dynamic physically based slope stability model, Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 17(6), 971–992.